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Since Flipagram app wasn’t developed for pc I would like to show you an outstanding Online Video Maker. It’s called WeVideo Online. It’s simple and intuitive – you don’t have to be a professional in photography or video making to create high quality stuff. We Video Provides you with the choice to be unique and control the looks of your videos, bringing the professionalism on your computer screen. With WeVideo online you can access your videos wherever. You are provided with free cloud access to your media. This online video maker also provides you with mobile editing so you can edit on the go wherever you are.

So do I need any experience or? – No experience needed. Whether you are a professional o r a beginner in the video making, that’s fine. With WeVideo online you can create videos with ease. Start with the simpler editor options and move on to exploring this magnificent online video maker. WeVideo online gives you the ability to edit using all the things on your desktop at your disposal and bring it on the web. You can adopt much features on the way. You can use some like the clip transformation and voice over, as well as enhance your video with premium features like screen casting, white-label and more! This online video maker also provides you with commercially licensed music you can use for your clips.

WeVideo online is the best online video maker out there. You can access it on your smartphone and tablet as well. You can capture those great moments and edit them “on the go”! Capture pictures and videos and work with WeVideo online for an amazing and fruitful experience.