Flipagram for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Flipagram for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download


Flipagram for PC is a photo editing application that allows you to simply do everything you can do on a picture (regarding photo editing). Here the variables are a bit different however. Instead on your smartphone Flipagram for PC allows you to do your photo editing behind your personal computer or laptop’s screen.

Do you feel like going on a viral stream of uploading all your photos and videos? If yes – do you wish to learn how? Well I’m about to give you an answer on how that’s done. Flipagram for PC is just for you.

Ever wanted to create a short video with your personal story in it with a huge message that will have its impact on the world? Flipagram for PC is a free app that will allow you to do just that and much more. You can start by downloading Flipagram for PC Windows 8/7 or Mac.

I’m sure you guys know about all the features Flipagram Online has to offer. However I’ll simply point a few, just in case you guys have just stumbled upon this very app, which is pretty attractive by the way. You can use Flipagram for Computer with just a few simple steps.

You can crop, resize, copy, move or filter your images. You can choose a photo from your smartphone’s gallery and start editing after you put those photos on your pc. You can create a video and select its length and choose a perfect timing.

You can add music or text to your videos as well as not make a video at all, but simply edit your pictures to bring light to that perfect selfie, or make it look more real with the tools that are at your disposal. But as pointed above, this is not only a photo editor, but also a movie maker.

With Flipagram for PC you can share all your pictures and videos on other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or via E-mail. Try this app and become a professional video maker.