TrueCaller for PC free Download

TrueCaller for PC free Download

TrueCaller for PC free DownloadTrueCaller for PC free Download is usually a mobile app. In this case however you can use it on your laptop or computer without a problem. You need to download an emulator called “Bluestacks” first in order to do so. “Bluestacks” is great for displaying mobile apps on your personal computer. It actually “runs” them. So when that’s clear, let us get into the features this great app has to offer. Privacy is important, that’s why the developers made sure you have complete control over it. With TrueCaller for PC free Download you can download TrueCaller Online (which is a free app) on your personal computer and have all your contacts from your phone or tablet synced with the ones on your personal computer, which makes your calling experiences effortless.

Tracking numbers is a great feature this product has to offer you. If you are being spammed on by unknown callers or someone is playing a joke on you, it’s joke on them, cause now you can copy the number in a separate window and see who’s actually calling.

TrueCaller for PC free Download is adored by millions of people around the world and it is one of the fastest growing in popularity calling apps on the market today. With lots of reviews and pages popping up in different reviews you can pretty much figure that out.

Don’t forget to check the mobile version of this product – TrueCaller Online. Make sure to search for your friends using their numbers to see if the person you are looking for has the app installed on their device. Have fun!

Phogy 3D Camera Online – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Phogy 3D Camera Online – Windows and Mac – Free Download

phogy3donlinePhogy 3D Camera Online is an awesome photography app made for selfies and has some amazing features you can use, as well as some more well known other photography apps share as well. Do you enjoy parties? Well with Phogy 3D Camera Online you can make every selfie, just like it’s from a party. Phogy 3D Camera Online also provides you with 3D effects you can apply on every pic and make them look more realistic with just a simple touch of your smartphone’s screen. You can share everything you make with this app to other social networks as well!

Let’s get started with the features. Phogy 3D Camera Online shares some amazing features you can use in your everyday life. There is no limit to the phogies number. Here you have the ability to create unique selfies with 3D effects. Phogy 3D Camera Online you can share your creations on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Create mp4 files that are high quality, create gif’s or lively wallpapers using the other 3D effects Phogy 3D Camera Online provides. Huge amount of filters you can choose from, so you can customize Phogy’s interface. Change the motion of the phogy from 1 to 5, available to you after making the picture. Enjoy!

BlendPic Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

BlendPic Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Freee Download

blendpic-online-for-pc-windows-and-mac-free-downloadBlendPic Online is a photography app that has a few simple steps you have to work on before using. But overall BlendPic for PC Online is an outstanding app with a few different features added that distinguish it from the rest of the image altering apps. So in this case we decided to make this description as short as possible, counting down the top most-wanted features a photography app must have.

So BlendPic Online, as the name states, allows you to put pictures on top of each other, creating a masterpiece with nothing more than your thumbs, adding on a swipe or two. With BlendPic Online you can easily adjust the transparency of the photo with ease, and make it look however you see fit. Try the many beautiful presets this app provides, new functions are being added constantly, like the new eraser function where you can erase your mistakes and start a new, taking it to a few steps back.

Use different light effects, blend pictures, add presets, check the online shop and don’t forget to share all your creations via – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or E-mail to your friends and family. BlendPic free Download is an awesome edition with other tools and features as well. It is especially designed for you to create art without the need of you being a professional photographer, so, yeah, do your best!

RePiX for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

RePiX for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

repix-for-pc-windows-and-mac-free-downloadRePix for PC is a new inspiration in photo editing. With RePix you have one creative tool that lets you do whatever you want with your images. RePix is simple, innovative and it allows you to create masterpieces of art from your photos. It brings a fantastic new look with a few simple swipes on your smartphone’s screen, simply turning the photo you have chosen into a piece of art. With RePix – editing happens in real time and every editing tool is only an inch away from your fingertips.

Stunning effects and lots of brushes as well as different filters and borders which have a beautiful design! All in one place, here with RePix free download.

The main features of this product include over 20 handcrafted brushes that have amazing decorating effects, such as – color, effect, decoration. All of this and more to add a unique touch to the scene. 16 cool filters, over 10 frames, cool and smooth cropping tool with 6 presets.

RePix has lots of adjustments tools, with which you can bring out the coolness of your photos, the ability to group and switch between tools for an easy use of the app, you can share all your masterpieces with the rest of the world with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or via E-mail, all from your direct access to the gallery of the pictures you create. Simple and yet unique!

LiPiX for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

LiPiX for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

lipix-for-pc-windows-and-mac-free-downloadLiPix for PC is an image altering app that lets you combine your photos in a creative way, using text and other effects to make lots of great collages. With LiPix you can share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or via E-mail.

Right now over 40 million people around the world are using LiPix and are having fun doing it. You can join them now too, but before that let us count some of the features that distinguish this app from the rest photo editing apps out there. With LiPix you can combine more than two photos and frame your own moment!

You can use – 90 adjustable templates, over 50 borders, 20 amazing effects (for every individual photo you have), shadows for each photo, changeable borders, zooming options and high resolution options as well. LiPix allows you to make custom ecards! You can send those to your friends and family. You can make unique love notes, greeting cards, Christmas cards, thank you cards, birthday cards – YOU NAME IT!

Let’s not forget to include other effects LiPix has, such as – 11 unique text effects, over 100 fonts, over 20 fonts with special design (with you in mind). Here you can easily change the color, the font and the size of the picture, apply hundreds of custom stickers, and apply high resolution texts whenever you feel like it. Don’t forget to share via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more!

Don’t hesitate and try this app now!

Instasize Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

Instasize Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

instasize-online-for-pc-windows-and-mac-free-downloadInstaSize Online is a tool designed for image editing. With InstaSize for PC you can edit your images and share them on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and such. Instagram Online gives you lots of tools you can alter your images with to bring perfection to every pic you make. It can add a colorful background on your image making it look even better with its self-managed cropping.

This can only result in a complete and perfect photo for you to enjoy and also share so others can enjoy as well!

To start using InstaSize Online you have to select an image for this app to work, or rather, you can take a picture using the app itself. By doing that you can use preview effects especially designed for a better use of this app.

You can always choose images from your photo library and better them, with a simple swipe on your smartphone’s screen. You can add different background colors, add other images to the background and more. InstaSize Online offers lots of tools that Instagram still hasn’t integrated.

InstaSize Online provides you with a user friendly interface, and best of all it is a simple app that can make wonders out of your pictures. We recommend you try it out now and discover for yourself what other tools it offers, so you can find out for yourself if it’s worth it or not.