BlendPic Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

BlendPic Online for PC – Windows and Mac – Freee Download

blendpic-online-for-pc-windows-and-mac-free-downloadBlendPic Online is a photography app that has a few simple steps you have to work on before using. But overall BlendPic for PC Online is an outstanding app with a few different features added that distinguish it from the rest of the image altering apps. So in this case we decided to make this description as short as possible, counting down the top most-wanted features a photography app must have.

So BlendPic Online, as the name states, allows you to put pictures on top of each other, creating a masterpiece with nothing more than your thumbs, adding on a swipe or two. With BlendPic Online you can easily adjust the transparency of the photo with ease, and make it look however you see fit. Try the many beautiful presets this app provides, new functions are being added constantly, like the new eraser function where you can erase your mistakes and start a new, taking it to a few steps back.

Use different light effects, blend pictures, add presets, check the online shop and don’t forget to share all your creations via – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or E-mail to your friends and family. BlendPic free Download is an awesome edition with other tools and features as well. It is especially designed for you to create art without the need of you being a professional photographer, so, yeah, do your best!